Roosters Have a J-O-B



The backyard chicken-keeping movement across our country has thankfully sparked a lot of attention over laying hens and nutritional eggs but still today a key element to a healthy flock is hardly mentioned. Roosters! Roosters have an important j.o.b. They crow with excitement announcing the sunrise and yes even the sun setting. With a repertoire of 130 distinctive crows, Roosters alert the flock of specific predators and when to take cover from approaching inclement weather. When a Rooster finds a smorgasbord of worms he’ll invite his peeps to dine with him and his harem recognizes his call versus that of another Rooster. Roosters will fly like a butterfly to impress a Hen, and sting like a bee to break up younger sparring Roosters. They collect twigs and leaves on their backs for a Hen’s nest and defend their family, even to their death. Please consider learning about the importance of Roosters and help change their fate by avoiding poultry products sold by farming systems void of Roosters and those which needlessly destroy Roosters.

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