Ode to Raw Crème Fraîche

Raw Cream



We make several raw cheeses but each December the start of strawberry season, reminds us to don our French aprons and commence making Crème Fraîche! We hope this divine cheese inspires you make it at home or enjoy it when we delight in making it for you.



  • First, we have to churn raw butter to get raw buttermilk which we then culture, in order to make true French Raw Crème Fraîche.
  • Ours is thick full fat raw creamy with a slightly tart flavor, brimming with beneficial bacteria.
  • Because Raw Crème Fraîche is full cream vs Half & Half, it’s higher butterfat won’t curdle when cooking and melts gloriously under the broiler dolloped atop local fish.
  • Side Note: Very high raw butterfat from pastured raw dairy, is “a good thing”. A very, very good thing.
  • Raw Crème Fraîche adds depth to food. Faux pasteurized cream-based products cannot since those are just posing (and hoping you don’t find the real jewel).
  • Raw Crème Fraîche has low acidity so it won’t separate when mixed with lemon, wine or vinegar if you use it for dips or finishing sauces.
  • Raw Crème Fraîche is versatile in sweet or savory, baked or pan seared dishes.
  • Raw Crème Fraîche is heavenly comfort straight from the jar, after a bad date!
  • Raw Crème Fraîche can be whipped sky high with soft peaks to twice it’s volume for dipping strawberries as you sip champaign on the French Riviera. Or, if you’re like us with Saint Tropez merely on your Bucket List, Raw Crème Fraîche helps you pretend you are already there!
  • Ours is void of stabilizers, thickening agents or additives. It’s alive, so you can use it to make your next batch at home!

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