“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”!!

Raw Butter


“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. Because summer raw butter from cows grazing in Florida’s sunshine, is especially potent.

The cows graze 24/7/365 but in the summer the pasture regenerates more frequently and more abundantly, and is a salad bar of grasses and flowers which don’t grow in the winter. As the cow chews her cud, her saliva extracts the plant’s moisture and chlorophyll which she converts into copious amounts of rich beta carotene, vitamin E, and selenium for our system to absorb as vital antioxidants. It’s also why raw butter in the summer is gold but come winter is yellow (commercial butter is always white but enhanced with annatto). Note to self: when cows eat manmade feed, their saliva is hindered so their ph is distorted which causes physical and psychological disorders, that are treated w/pharmaceuticals vs providing 1-2” grass because it’s cheaper to administer drugs and replace spent cows. Despicable.

Back to summer raw butter… it’s 5x+ higher in CLA than industrial butter (3-4x higher in the winter so it’s still a winner). CLA protects us from cancer because the short and medium chain fatty acids in raw butter have strong anti-tumor effects. Raw milk alone has 500x more CLA than any commercial milk no matter what kind of label you slap on it. (The 5 with two zeros isn’t a typo)! Summer raw butter is especially plentiful in friendly lactobacilli, the probiotic that ironically matches the lactobacilli in our gut! Know what raw butter does magically on it’s own? If you leave it on the counter to ripen, the lactobacilli proliferate into probiotic codes that our immune system uses to find and eradicate the non friendly infectious bacteria in our gut and then helps us absorb calcium and other minerals. Pasteurized-dead butter does not, even if the label is a pretty deep green one from Ireland.

If I hosted a week’s seminar on raw butter and Vitamin K2 alone, I would hardly touch on the medicinal benefits of this ancient food once coveted for nourishing babies and the elderly, curing diseases, aiding in mental stability or correcting infertility. This link is loaded w/profound data how raw butter cures ailments and diseases. Got 56 seconds? Watch Raw Butter: The Queen of Fats video! If there ever was a time to break from commercial dairy and especially give raw milk/butter/cream/buttermilk a chance, it would be this summer.

Longtime customers know we are low on raw butter come Autumn/Winter due to shorter pasture grasses so it’s time to Fort Knox your freezer now thru August!