About Us

We are a husband + wife farm, Marty and Svetlana Simon. We farm the soil, rear the livestock, make the provisions and daily operate our Très Frèsh farm stand. In 2006 Svetlana ate her final flavorless organic egg then brought two French Hens to our backyard. When the flock gifted our first egg, Svetlana ecstatically paraded it all over town, even marching it into the mayor’s office. Two hens grew into a flock of twenty-four which inspired us to leave our downtown backyard for a farm in-town! Not one of our accomplishments would have come to fruition without our local farm fans patiently enduring our growing pains. We also give thanks for the Delray Beach CRA which graciously allowed us to bring our livestock to the farmer’s market weekly, to help us promote the benefits of pastured farming and raw dairy. Our entire village helped raise up our farm and we hope this speaks volumes to municipalities and families inspired to farm for themselves and their communities.



Marty moves dirt, moves cows and moves chickens to fresh pasture. From dawn to dusk he cares for our animals’ daily welfare and needs. He sprouts thousands of pounds of organic sunflower seeds and legumes to the flock’s content and daily opens coconuts to supplement their pastured diet. A retired certified general contractor, he builds, mends, recycles and repurposes all things the farm needs to operate beautifully and efficiently. His passion for permaculture guides our farm’s physical terrain and agricultural practices.


Heritage Hen | About Us Svetlana

Svetlana is devoted to heritage breeds and their conservancy, vehement over our livestock’s diet; mixing herbs, oils and tinctures to their benefit. Daily she ferments and cultures raw milk into raw cheeses, raw kefir and other raw dairy provisions. She hosts poultry and raw dairy educational classes and concocts some of the farm’s wildest dreams in the good name of spreading ethical farming. She relies on her architectural experience when designing farmscapes and hen houses, and depends on her municipal law expertise when working on legislative farming initiatives.


Heritage Hen | About Us Mom

Mom is our impresario of raw yoghurt making. Ilinka has handmade yoghurt (weekly since 1968) for our family, by the quaint old-world method of nurturing her heirloom mother-culture which she inherited from her grandmother’s yoghurt. She and Svetlana’s father preserved their Serbian food heritage (often to their kids’ embarrassment) by way of handmade foods like stinky cheeses and charcuterie hanging in the cellar, fermenting a monopoly of mason jars with homegrown vegetables, raising livestock in manicured suburbia, and schlepping home five-gallon buckets of raw milk from the farm after the milkman stopped deliveries. Mom is synonymous for raw yoghurt in our family, and now locally too!