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Ode to Raw Crème Fraîche

  RAW CRÈME FRAÎCHE THE FRENCH VOLUPTUOUS ARTISTIC COUSIN TO SOUR CREAM We make several raw cheeses but each December the start of strawberry season, reminds us to don our French aprons and commence making Crème Fraîche! We hope this divine cheese inspires you make it at home or enjoy it when we delight in making it for you.


Lounging Ladies of Leisure

GENUINE “FARM EGGS” ARE SEASONAL! HERE’S WHY A flock which genuinely thrives on pasture and lives outside of any confinement, will instinctually respond to all four seasons, lay eggs cyclically and enter respite from production because of two annual events; Molting and Winter Solstice. A Molting Hen sheds her old feathers for fluffy new ones […]

Roosters Have a J-O-B

FARM FRESH FACT #16; THE ROOSTER The backyard chicken-keeping movement across our country has thankfully sparked a lot of attention over laying hens and nutritional eggs but still today a key element to a healthy flock is hardly mentioned. Roosters! Roosters have an important j.o.b.