Heritage Hen Eggs

We are certified Animal Welfare Approved, the most stringent third party humane standards certification. We practice Juliette de Baïracli Levy primitive livestock rearing. By choice we are not certified organic but we practice the USDA Organic Standards and maintain the required reporting records so the USDA recognizes our eggs as organic food. Our heritage flock thrives on native pasture grasses 24/7/365 void of confinement, innately foraging bugs, worms and grubs and instinctually making a bee line for the cow pastures! The flock free choices on organic nuts, organic berries and organic seeds generously donated by Whole Foods. Our flock’s water source is from our filtered private well, void of fluoride and bleach, which we supplement with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Sprouted Organic Garlic and wild Oreganol-P73. We sprout thousands of pounds of Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Peas and various Organic Legumes, daily we open our fresh coconuts to the flock’s content and we supplement with Fertrell organic vitamins. We choose to feed Soy Free Corn Free USDA Certified Organic and Verified nonGMO raw feed! Then, we choose to take the extra effort to Lacto Ferment our flock’s raw feed instead of feeding the common denatured, highly processed cereal or pelleted feeds packed with soy or canola oil.

Our eggs are in high demand because of supreme nutrition and taste and because of our farming practices trusted by so many since 2007. Our eggs are available in limited supplies since we raise heritage breeds versus production breeds, and we do not force our flock to be in continuous production nor feed ovary inducing feed. Eggs are seasonal so we are most prolific in eggs Spring through Autumn and have little to zero eggs during Molt Season and Winter Solstice. Our eggs travel from our nesting boxes to your carton within a few hours versus 1200 miles from Pennsylvania. We do not raise the industry standard “yearly replacement flocks” and we do not ever de-beak our chickens. If a farmer informs you “chickens must be de-beaked” that’s code for confinement. Vote with your dollar and politely run away from those eggs! Your pocketbook is the loudest voice in changing the despicable conditions that poultry is subjected to in order to keep eggs in supply and demand.

Our goal is not to become a mammoth farm supplying eggs to several counties nor to maximize production in order to transport eggs all over the country. Instead, the solution to more local nutrient dense, pastured and genuine farm eggs is to teach and encourage you and more local people to farm for themselves and for our neighbors. Please visit and observe the farm of your carton’s origin and compare it to your local farmer’s personal livestock standards. Please support local Florida humane pastured poultry.

Heritage Hen Eggs
Animal Welfare Approved
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You will be mesmerized by lovely livestock, stunning eggs and decadent raw dairy nutritional facts which might cause you to dream of homesteading or even leave that corporate j.o.b. for farming! Do it. Come join our choir. But finding Ag Land in Palm Beach County zoned for livestock is mostly impractical or even impossible. That’s our dilemma as we search for our new Ag Abode! Until then; we won’t have eggs but we still have raw milk & all the provisions we’ve been making since 2007, and we no longer have retail hours but we still offer our MilkMan porch deliveries. To learn more visit RawMilkDeliveries.com.

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