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Heritage Hen Farm

Turmeric Containers

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We are selling our turmeric containers, used on our farm for only two seasons. At that time, we were able to take advantage of several acres just for growing turmeric however after the county changed our land classification, we've had difficulty finding agricultural land to continue planting, therefore we will not be growing turmeric for the 2023-2024 season.

These Accelerator® Air Root containers are designed for all kinds of vegetation, trees or shrubs but we found this type of container superior to others, for plating turmeric due to Florida's heat and humidity. This design reduces circling of roots and produces longer turmeric shoots vs smaller stout roots. These containers are also wonderful for growing tomato plants.

Top Diameter: 30"
Height: 18"
Gallons: 42
Quarts: 168
Liters: 159