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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Milk - JOASH

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Joash raw milk from Jerseys on pasture year round and sustainable farming for three generations. The herd roams at-will and grazes 24/7/365 (zero confinement).

Store Raw Dairy inside the fridge but not the door where it's warmer. Ideal temperature is 30°-32°. At this temperature, the milk will keep 10-12 days. The colder your milk, the longer before it begins to clabber and ripen (fat begins to separate from the protein). Raw Milk will eventually sour (ripen) on its own and that is how old creameries used to culture cheeses. If you transfer your raw milk into your glass jars, it will chill colder and prolong the time before it ripens.

Ingredients: Pastured Raw Whole Milk

Per Florida statute: Protein (min) 3.1%, Fat (min) 3.1%, Fiber (max) 1%

Per state statutes, our Raw Dairy is sold as livestock feed and labeled “not for human consumption”. Local pick up or delivery, only. We do not ship products.