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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Buttermilk

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THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK FOR OUR BUTTERMILK, UNTIL SPRING/SUMMER. It is the time of year of slower & less pasture grasses, so the herd produces less milk yet the demand for milk increases, each Winter. To meet the demand for milk, we first eliminate bottled cream, churned butter, then buttermilk and kefir.

Your ancestors would recognize and appreciate our cream top, dense and tangy raw buttermilk. They used it (even before the advent of refrigeration) to soak flour before baking , and it was their go-to effective remedy for indigestion because it is rich in beneficial lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. It is very low in lactose, making it well tolerated by the lactose intolerant. It looks, smells nor tastes anything like commercial buttermilk!

We keep the milk raw throughout the 24 hour culturing process which leaves the probiotic strains intact and forms the cream top of each jar. Enjoy the cream top alone as crème fraîche or stir it throughout the jar for an even denser buttermilk. Makes for an excellent probiotic base for smoothies, dips, salad dressings or marinades, and is the secret sauce that wins every baking contest! You can even use our raw buttermilk to culture raw milk, to continue making raw buttermilk into perpetuity or as a culture starter for bygone traditional cheesemaking, or to culture cream into sour cream.

Glass Quart Jars (32oz), no deposit but please return when empty.

Ingredients: Raw Whole Milk, Cultured Raw Whole Milk

Per Florida statute: Protein (min) 3.1%, Fat (min) 3.1%, Fiber (max) 1%

Per Florida statute, our Raw Dairy is sold as livestock feed and labeled “not for human consumption”. Local pick up only, we do not ship products.