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Heritage Hen Farm

MicroGreens Leek

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Leeks are a potent source of allicin, the same beneficial organosulfur compound that gives garlic its antimicrobial, cholesterol-lowering (and potential anticancer) properties. This allicin makes for an abundance of prebiotic fibers which feed and propagate beneficial gut bacteria, reduces inflammation and protects against leaky gut syndrome. Leeks also provide a great source of kaempferol, a polyphenol antioxidant most often credited for protecting against heart disease and cancer. 

Organic seeds, organic soil and organically grown void of chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides with pure pH balanced water and low heat LED lighting. To learn more please visit our dear friends Mica & Ted at Green Magic Organic Farms Each batch is harvested the evening before or morning of your pick up.

Pungent yummy leek.

Eat alone, add to literally any dish or chop up and add to any condiment as you would garlic.

Each batch is harvested the morning of your delivery or pick up.