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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Cream

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Raw Cream skimmed from 100% grass, pastured Alday milk! Store this Raw Cream inside the fridge but not the door where it's warmer. Ideal temp is 30°-32° and will keep 7-8 days before it natively beings to sour. The colder your cream, the longer before it begins to natively sour.

The herd roams at-will to graze 24/7/365 (zero confinement) and may free-choice on organic alfalfa (nonGMO alfalfa when organic is not available), at milking time. Truly 100% grass, no grain, no corn, no soy, no cottonseed nor brewer's yeast, nor any; hormones, antibiotics, steroids or GMO’s ever used. To learn more about the Raw Milk this Raw Cream is skimmed from, please visit our milk description.

Ingredients: Pastured Raw Cream

Per Florida statute: Protein (min) 4%, Fat (min) 4.5%, Fiber (max) 1%

Per state statute, our Raw Dairy is sold as livestock feed and labeled “not for human consumption”. Local pick up or delivery, only. We do not ship products.