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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Kefir

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Raw Kefir is most commonly known as Champaign de Milk outside of the USA, for its effervescence and is also regarded worldwide as the first probiotic. It is rich in 60+ diverse microorganisms (probiotics) but in particular Lactobacillus which has shown to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella & E. Coli. Only Raw Milk Kefir has Kefiran, the carbohydrate potent in antibacterial properties. You may also wish to consider these studies;


We have continuously made raw kefir by way of our original batch in 2007. You too can keep making it into perpetuity if you start with our kefir and raw milk. Kefir making is an artisanal skill which you can easily perfect over time as you learn to read your fermented milk. The instructions are available for download in our store.

Stir, do not shake. Store inside the fridge (32°-34°) where colder instead of the fridge door. Kefir does not per se expire because of it is natively self preserving by lactic fermentation. The texture is subject to change several days after opening depending on your fridge temp and if it turned to room temp, on your drive home. This is not a "shelf stable" grocery-store like food because we do not use stable  stabilisers so Raw Kefir will be more effervescent in the hotter/humid summer months and less so in the cooler winter months. 

Glass Quart Jars (32oz), no deposit but please return when empty.

Ingredients: Raw Whole Milk, Fermented

Per Florida statute: Protein (min) 3.1%, Fat (min) 3.1%, Fiber (max) 1%

Per Florida statute, our Raw Dairy is sold as livestock feed and labeled “not for human consumption”. Local pick up only, we do not ship products.