Ordering Cycle & Pick Up

Our Pick Up is Saturdays 9am-1pm (2559 Webb Ave Delray Beach 33444). The ordering cycle is seven days (Friday - Thursday); the cycle starts each Friday, then ends the following Thursday at 11:59pm. You must order by Thursday's deadline, to pick up that same week Saturday. Orders placed after Thursday, will be ready the following week.

Our Story

In 2006 we ate our final flavorless organic store-bought egg and brought two French Hens to our backyard. Two hens grew into a flock of twenty-four which inspired us to leave our downtown backyard for our 15 acre farm in Boynton Beach! Our heritage starter flock slowly grew to 350+ with a variety of 15 different endangered and conservancy breeds. We added geese, turkeys, ducks, quail, guineafowl, one heifer turned into two then three then four, one goat grew into a herd and so we bottle our milk and cultured it into kefir and cheese, we harvested air bio spora for 2+ yrs to create various ferments and while we were searching for the best supplemental organic raw feed for our flock, we learned that most organic wheat today tests positive for glyphosate, which lead us to divine Einkorn.

We’ve farmed the soil, reared the livestock, made the provisions, taught artisanal classes, encouraged young & old of the benefits of sustainable agriculture, hosted you on the farm and retailed from our farm store Très Frèsh. For almost one decade we attended the Delray Beach GreenMarket which graciously allowed us to bring our livestock weekly, to help us promote the benefits of pastured farming and raw dairy. Not one of our accomplishments would have come to fruition without our local farm fans patiently enduring our growing pains. The entire “village” helped raise up our farm and we hope this speaks volumes to municipalities and families inspired to farm for themselves and their communities.

When our agricultural land classification changed we could no longer retail off our farm, so we added local deliveries. Shortly thereafter Covid19 social distancing called for contactless curbside pick up, and we had to cancel farm tours, events and classes. Today, Uber does our local deliveries and because Delray is our Pick Up is located in east Delray, the center of Palm Beach County customer base.

Thank you for your support!
Marty & Svetlana


The Milkman Marty


Marty moves dirt, moves cows and moves chickens to fresh pasture. From dawn to dusk he cares for our animals’ daily welfare and needs. Since 2007 he's sprouted thousands of pounds of organic sunflower seeds and legumes to the flock’s content and opened countless coconuts to supplement their pastured diet. A retired certified general contractor, he builds, mends, recycles and repurposes all things the farm needs to operate beautifully and efficiently. His passion for permaculture guides our farm’s physical terrain and agricultural practices. And, he’s the MilkMan who deliveries your provision to your door. Yes, he wears the bowtie and hat!


Svetlana Heritage Hen


Svetlana is devoted to heritage breeds and their conservancy, vehement over our livestock’s diet; mixing herbs, oils and tinctures to their benefit. Daily she ferments and cultures raw milk into raw cheeses, raw kefir and other raw dairy provisions. She hosts poultry and raw dairy educational classes and concocts some of the farm’s wildest dreams in the good name of spreading ethical farming. She relies on her architectural experience when designing farmscapes and hen houses, and depends on her municipal law expertise when working on legislative farming initiatives. She absolutely loves teaching others to be self sufficient, and to cultivate food independence in one’s own kitchen.