The sun nourishes the soil, the soil the grass, each blade a solar panel nourishes our livestock, and they nourish us. Our responsibility is to farm by our livestock's innateness and the earth’s seasonal rhythm, without tweaking nature to our convenience. We hope this inspires you to crave exceptionally nourishing provisions, prepared correctly, from pasture-intensive sustainable farming;

Pastured Cows Grazing Grass vs GMO Grains-Soy-Fillers & Milked Once Per Day vs Twice

Pastured Hens Foraging Grass + Bugs vs GMO Grains-Soy-Oils

Custom To Order vs Weeks-Old Inventory

ORDER CYCLE: 7 Days (Friday thru Thursday)

DEADLINE: Thursday Evening 11:59pm

PICK UP: Saturdays Only, 9am-1pm

Order by Thursday evening, pick up that same week Saturday (9am-1pm). Order after Thursday, pick up the following Saturday. When you order, the cows haven't yet been milked, the hens haven't yet laid, the microgreens haven't yet been harvested. All of our provisions are handmade and custom to order, and seasonal.


Pick Up is Saturdays only, 9am-1pm at 2559 Webb Ave Delray Beach. If you order by deadline day Thursday, we'll have your order ready for Pick Up that same week Saturday. If you order after the deadline, we'll fulfill your order the following Saturday.

Thank you for your support!