Collection: Probiotic Elixirs

Counter Culture sources ingredients from SE Florida organic farmers and growers to create beneficial, delicious artisanal probiotic ferments and elixirs; kombucha, jun, ales and brews. Since 2013 Counter Culture has reversed food regression in our community by re-introducing lacto-fermented beverages, the same beverages which sustained our ancestors for generations. Lacto-fermentation is a process whereby bacteria convert sugars and starches into acids, such as lactic acid. Most of today’s commodity drinks (root beet, ginger ale, punch) were originally prepared and preserved by lacto-fermentation, and were often used medicinally. 

Every Jun and Kombucha is bottled in glass amber 64oz growlers to preserve the rich microorganisms.

Jun culture thrives on green tea and raw honey which produces a refined and delicate profile and less pungent than Kombucha. The fermentation process of Jun elixirs create a delicious beverage that contains prebiotics, probiotics, live enzymes, amino acids, and loads of B vitamins—all essential for a healthy metabolism. Jun is the Champagne of Kombucha and is every bit as elegant.

Kombuchas feature triple-filtered water, local organic cane sugar and organic black tea for added potency. Once the requisite culture of bacteria and yeast is added, the sweet tea ferments for 1-4 weeks depending on desired levels of sweetness/tartness. When the kombucha is ready, a bounty of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients are added to enhance the flavor and the probiotic levels.

The benefit of these fizzy infusions is glucoronic acid, a potent detoxifier. The liver  produces glucuronic acid naturally but is often stifled by ever increasing surrounding toxins. Other benefits include;

PROBIOTICS:  Promotes digestion and boosts immunity; treats irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and urinary tract infections.

B VITAMINS: Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression; relieves PMS; supports healthy hair, skin, and nails

GLUCORONIC & MALIC ACID: Assists the liver with eliminating toxins and pollutants

GLUCARIC ACID: Prevents and treats cancer

GLUCONIC ACID: Prevents and treats Candidiasis and other yeast infections; regulates blood PH (acidity)

ASCETIC, LACTIC, USNIC & OXALIC ACIDS: Prevents bowel decay and constipation; enhances blood circulation; prevents bacterial and viral infections

BUTYRIC ACID: Reduces colonic inflammation and prevents colon cancer

EPIGALLOCATHECIN GALLATEPrevents & treats cancer, endometriosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia

GLUCOSAMINES: Prevents joint degeneration, treats arthritis, reduces skin wrinkles

THEANINE: Relieves stress and aids sleep

No glass deposit charged but please recycle growlers back to us on your re-order, or return these to our front door at your convenience. Sources:,,,,,