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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Kefir-Making Instructions

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Two page PDF document explaining how to make Kefir at home, using our Kefir as the culture. We break from making Kefir in the Winter months because milking drops significantly this time of year, and then we re-start culturing Kefir in early Spring when milking natively increases. If you have recently purchased our Kefir, you can use that quart along with these instructions, to make your own Kefir.

We've been making our Kefir since 2007 from our original batch, and you may use our Kefir to make your own batches, into perpetuity. We do not use kefir powders nor kefir grains, (both of which are formulated and created with starches and sugars).

Instructions are emailed upon checkout if these instructions are your only item in your order at checkout. Otherwise, PDFs are emailed on your Pick Up Day when you collect your entire order. Please make sure you provide the correct email upon checkout, so these instructions reach you.