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Heritage Hen Farm

Pastured Soy Free Eggs

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100% on pasture 24/7/365, soy free and supplemented with certified whole-seed organic feed. The flock is provided organic and non-GMO whole-seed feed to free choice from, but because the flock (including roosters) prances at free will on pasture, the majority of their diet is bugs, grubs, insects, chlorophyll (green pasture grass), carotenoids (yellow, orange & red little flowers with antioxidant properties) and essential beta carotene (which converts into vitamin A). Our practices exceed USDA organic standards, but because our eggs are unwashed (by choice), we sell them as livestock feed not for human consumption, per Florida regulations. Eggs which come from hens on pasture, living outdoors, cannot technically be called "organic". Yup. It's the same as wild caught fish which cannot be labeled "organic".

Eggs are limited for two reasons; seasonal weather changes, and during native molting. Florida's Summer heat/heavy rains, and Winter's shorter daylight both cause the flock to drastically slow down in laying. During Molt a hen will take respite from laying to shed old features so she conserves protein in order to make new feathers, in place of laying eggs. Also, we do not supplement with ovary inducing feed so hens cycle into molt annually around Autumn, to naturally lay fewer to zero eggs, per week. Pastured eggs are a seasonal food but grocery store shopping has convinced us to expect eggs year-round. In our grandparents' era, people expected not to have eggs year-round so just before Winter (and before refrigeration), eggs were slathered with tallow to preserve the bloom, so as to extend the egg's shelf life well beyond six weeks. Significant celebrations and (especially) weddings, were planned around the time of year when eggs were in season, to have a bounty of eggs for baking cakes and pastries, for this very reason. Times have changed, but not with our flock!

Please return paper cartons, on you next order.