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Heritage Hen Farm

Raw Butter

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Before inventing the cream separator or refrigeration, our ancestors skimmed cream by hand over several days, which allowed it to ripen causing the enzymes and CLAs, to give a fragrance of cheese. Raw Butter is still enjoyed this very same way, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East but is often frowned upon in the USA. After the cream separator was invented, it became cost advantageous to whip the cream into butter immediately instead of resting the cream and allowing it to ripen, ergo "sweet cream butter".

Our butter is not salted and will continue to ripen, unless you refrigerate or freeze it to stop this native culturing process. It's made from 100% Raw Cream, skimmed from 100% grass, pastured Alday cream. It will remain creamy sweet for upwards of three weeks if refrigerated, and will begin to ripen much sooner at room temp. Freezes very well for 6-8 months.

Ingredients: Pastured Raw Cream

Per Florida statute: Protein (min) 4%, Fat (min) 4.5%, Fiber (max) 1%

Per state statute, our Raw Dairy is sold as livestock feed and labeled “not for human consumption”. Local pick up only, we do not ship products.